About Teresa

"What do you love about being alive? This is your soul's food, the inspiration for creativity and all forms of art. You can grow a garden of wonder from all you are. Plant the seeds, water daily, then feast. I have found sustenance from many places. The beauty of the natural world are penetrating influences. I often paint outside. The sun, flowers, trees fill me up. Also the spirit behind all forms. I am inspired by any authenticity in others that goes deep and wide and I grow richer from their gifts. Whatever we do, we all move through many experiences that ultimately shape us. And yet, we start each day with every possibility before us. My creative process seems to work best when I give myself over to the unknown guided by all the things I love. Receptivity and the desire to create lead the way. While walking by the sea or sitting in the garden I'll open to the beauty of the day and let voices speak . Later, I'll mix it, build it, empty it and make way for the painting. For me, the joy of painting has nothing to do with drawing perfectly. What I love is the brilliance of color, not knowing where all those colors are going, blending and weaving them until a joyful dance is found. I work on different surfaces because I enjoy developing new ideas. Recently, new forms have taken shape on wood, glass, copper and handmade papers. The best part is just having fun."

Teresa has been working as a professional artist and designer for twenty-five years. With a degree in painting from the University of California at Santa Cruz, she branched out into Graphic Design and later worked as a designer of women's accessories. In 1990, she decided to devote herself to painting, went to live in a palapa in Mexico and returned with a large body of work. Since then her paintings are collected internationally and sell-out each year. She's also been featured in a documentary produced by Cablevision of Santa Cruz entitled Portrait of an Artist: Teresa Mallen. Her beautiful work graces the covers of books, calendars and poetry broadsides and she has illustrated several books including "Sola" by Flora Durham, published by Alcatraz Editions.Lately she's enjoyed designing architectural details for residences which are included on this website.

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